Lease Return Centre

Is the lease on your VW about to end?

Lethbridge Volkswagen is your Offical Lease Return Centre! No matter where in Canada you began your lease, you can return it to us. To make the process as smooth and simple as possible, we’ve outlined the necessary steps to complete the transaction!

STEP 1: Schedule a vehicle lease-end inspection

Completed by DataScan Field Service (DFS), Volkswagen Finance’s lease inspection company.

  • Tel: 800 268-6639 (English)
  • Tel: 866 488-4155 (French)
  • Or book your inspection online at www.dsfs.com

Once the inspection of your vehicle is booked, DFS will send an agent to any location specified by you, including home, work or anywhere else. Please note that the inspection takes about 30 minutes and that the agent will provide a copy of the inspection report. We recommend contacting DFS 3-4 weeks in advance of your lease termination.

STEP 2: Schedule vehicle return appointment

With the inspection report in hand, contact Lethbridge Volkswagen to coordinate your vehicle return.

STEP 3: Returning the Vehicle

The following items are required for your lease return:

  • All vehicle keys (including valet key)
  • Vehicle owner manual
  • Spare tire and tools
  • Navigation Disc (if applicable)
  • Wheel lock bolts
  • Any other accessories listed in the lease agreement

One final visual inspection will be completed by Lethbridge Volkswagen. The vehicle return process will take approximately 15 minutes. You will receive a copy of the lease return form with the details and date of return.

For information on how to buy-out your leased vehicle, how to complete a lease transfer as well as extended warranty options, please contact our Financial Services Manager, Jenn Kinnell, by email at jennk@lethbridgevw.com or by phone at 403-328-4189.

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