Did You Know?

November 30 2017,

Did You Know?

Wiper blades contribute significantly to traffic safety. Nevertheless, no other safety-related component receives so little attention.

The rear wiper blade wears out just like the front wiper blades. All wiper blades should be changed at the same time.

Wiper blades put in an impressive performance. The average wiper blade travels roughly 800 km across the surface of the windshield every six months.

Solar radiation, ozone, and other environmental factors cause the rubber of every wiper blade to eventually become porous, cracked and hardened.

Tough insect residue on the windshield, as well as ice and freezing temperatures in the wintertime, can damage the fine edge of the wiper blade.

When wiper blades are damaged, they leave streaks or a dirty film on the windshield and can squeak or skip across the glass. At this point, the wiper should be changed immediately.

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