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Determined to keep my Golf TDI until the end of lease (2019) I went to Lethbridge Volkswagen to have Part 1 of the Diesel Modifications performed along with an oil, oil filter, pollen filter, air filter change and 45,000 inspection completed. While waiting, a particularly engaging salesperson, Ali Raza, offered me a coffee and asked about my experiences with Volkswagen and how I liked my Golf TDI. I told him the Golf TDI was the best "little big car" I had ever owned. It drove like a big car but performed like a small car. Ali listened and heard my passion for VW Golf and asked if I knew about the new Golf Models. One thing led to another and I started to reconsider my plan to keep my Golf TDI. After reviewing the features of the new Golf Alltrack, and a short test drive I was listening to Ali's proposal to look into trading in my Golf TDI (Highline) for last 2017 Golf Alltrack (Highline) at the dealership. After exchanging some basis information, Ali went to his manager. To my surprise, the manager returned with Ali and in one of the most factual, honest, straight forward conversations I have ever had at any car dealership Ian Cooper (Sales Manager) laid out exactly what my options were and the prices. What made this extraordinary is that Ian let me have my way with the process. I felt no pressure, was very comfortable with the demeanor of both Ali and Ian, and was absolutely certain that I was getting the best possible deal the dealership could offer. I said "lets put it all together and I'll have a final look at the offer as discussed", Ian ran the final numbers and then noticed my hesitation and without me saying anything more, offered to make a couple of small adjustments that would bring the price to where I would be more comfortable. Ian was very professional and sensitive, and was aware that I really did not come to the dealership that day to buy a new car. I liked his final price and signed. Then Ian added a couple of bonuses. The dealership paid for all the services on my Golf TDI and gave me a very fair price for my second set of tires. All of this happened in an open, bilateral, fair and cordial exchange amongst Ian, Ali and I. I could not be happier and am now a very pleased owner of a 2017 Golf Alltrack, a car I knew very little about before this day and thanks to Ali, am very informed. To complete the paperwork, I was introduced to Stefan Jensen in financial services. In similar fashion to my experiences with Ian and Ali, Stefan was cordial, efficient, informative and very helpful with all aspects of financing, registering and explaining warranties and conditions affecting my purchase. This completion of sale also gave completion to my overall sense that I was making the right deal with the right people in the right dealership.

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